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Refresh With God Getaway

Find a Quiet Spot
And take time to be still.

“Friday was ten times better than a spa day … and the refreshment I received went to the bottom of my soul!  It was so wonderful to know that I can get away from all the demands of life and seek the Life-giver without leaving Orlando.  I look forward to going back again and again.  Thank you, Sandy, for providing the perfect atmosphere, location, and opportunity for me to be refreshed!” – Sherry from Orlando, Florida

“The Refresh Retreat became a safe haven to pour myself out at the foot of the cross. To know that even though my struggles and burdens where shared in silence between me and Christ, I was still not alone. 

There was a perfect balance between structure and direction and individual quiet time through out the day. It truly was a day to be refreshed and renewed no matter the season or burdens we as woman may find ourselves in and dealing with.  – Heather from Orlando, Florida

“I loved every part of it!  From the moment I walked in I felt such peace and restfulness.  My favorite part was the uninterrupted time with the Lord.  The room was such a perfect place for everyone.  The simplicity of that day is what made it so sweet.” – Lesli from Casselberry, Florida

“The Refresh Retreat made a way for me to hear God speak and to be able to commune with Him.  There is no greater joy and the retreat facilitated so much in helping that happen.”  Espy from Orlando, Florida

“The excitement of each moment with The Lord was amazing. He says come as little children, and we did. We had a place we could be free in Him, a place we could hear His voice and crawl up in His arms and just talk to Him. He met every need and gently spoke to us all. He wiped our tears and laughed with us . Every minute was full of such love with our Lord. Thank you, Jesus, for calling Sandy to such a wonderful ministry. One that is full of your purpose for our lives. I pray everyone can experience this.”   – Sandy L. from Orlando, Florida

“I really enjoyed the Refresh Retreat led by Sandy. My eyes were opened to new ways of deepening my relationship with God in a fun and creative way. It was a day of laughter, tears and quietness that left me feeling renewed, inspired and closer to God. In this crazy hectic world we live in, it’s nice to have a sweet gentle reminder that being still is ok and necessary to truly hear the Lord.”  – Stacie from Jacksonville, Florida

“Sandy does such an amazing job creating a peaceful and still environment away from the busy-ness of life so that you can meet with the Lord. I have been to several Refresh Retreats and have had God speak to me in such profound ways each time. I walked away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with a vision for what God has for me in my next season of life. I highly recommend a Refresh Retreat to all my friends!”    – Joy from Orlando, Florida

“My experience at the Refresh Retreat was so good. I could actually let go of my phone, my busyness from work and my weary heart. Just being able to get quiet and asking the Lord to come and minister to my heart, soul and body was so wonderful. Coming away with such a sweet time with the word of God and the fellowship of the ladies who attended was so good for my life in so many ways. Thank you, Sandy, for opening your heart and the given place to become refreshed.”  – Rhonda from Apopka, Florida

“I went reluctantly because I felt drawn to go.  Am I glad I did!  It was one on most peaceful days of my life … putting down the cell phone and the world gave God time to put some painful issues to rest … and the group parts I was able to join or not.  The quiet and the group time were both great blessing. Sandy had great wisdom with her leading and ideas and direction.  If you feel led don’t hesitate to come! Sincerely, Ann”  – from Orlando, Florida

“I know it’s hard to take time off from our busy schedules,but this retreat is worth the effort.  Do yourself a favor;  take time out to be with God. For a day, do not worry about serving others, but let Sandy serve you.  I did it and it was wonderful.”  – Anne from Longwood Florida

“I fell in love today with a God who danced with me, sang to me and cried for me.  The love I felt from God at the retreat was undeniable the best love I have ever felt in my entire lfe!  No man or person has ever made me feel loved the way God did today.”  – Darci from Orlando,Florida

“My Memories of the Refresh Retreat are such a treasure.  Five of my closest friends and I were blessed with Sandy’s guidance to draw away from our busy lives and draw near to God.  She used relaxation, music, scripture, wise quotes about the need for silence and solitude, and her own gentle spirit to usher each of us into our unique time of refreshment with God.  Some chose to walk on the beach, some chose mediating on scripture and journaling, some chose art expression, and some chose simple rest.  Some of us spent our time in a combination of all of these.  Sharing our experience with one another was also refreshing as we saw how God renewed each individual heart. I highly recommend this unique and very personal retreat.”  Lori from Panama City, FL